Oculus Virtual Reality: A New Kind of Experience

Virtual reality is revolutionizing the gaming field with the coming of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. It was developed by the virtual reality technology company – Oculus, which was bought by Facebook last year for $2 billion. Facebook collaborated with Microsoft to make the Oculus Rift device work with Windows 10 and Xbox games console.

Oculus disclosed on Thursday that the Oculus Touch together with the Oculus Rift will be exhibited next week at the main video game conference, Electronic Entertainment Expo, in Los Angeles. Palmer Luckey, the pioneer leader of Oculus mentioned, “We really think Oculus Touch is going to surprise you. We think they are going to deliver an entirely new set of virtual reality experiences.” The Oculus Touch allows uers to lift weapons, hurl objects or perform other movements within what they view in the headset. The special features of the half-moon shaped controllers include hand presence, manipulation, low mental load, communicative gestures, traditional inputs and lightweight technology.

Sony’s Morpeus and HTC’s Vive are the rivalries of Oculus when it comes to virtual reality headsets. Google Cardboard also competes by putting virtual reality on your smartphone. It has the ability to transform your phone into a 3D projector.

The Rift headsets are planned to be sold on the first quarter of next year. Up to now, only a “developer” version of it has been sold. The touch controllers are to be released to the public on April and June 2016. The prices for these devices are yet to be announced.


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