A Glimpse on Wearables and Swallowables

The emerging technologies that are taking over at the present are wearables and swallowables. Wearables are devices that you wear, and swallowables are devices that you swallow.

There are several types of these digital innovations and these include input devices, bio-sensors/wireless sensors, wearable computing and augmented reality.

Everyone is affected with this change – whether you are a customer who purchased an insurance, a student whose health is being tracked by your university, or an employee being monitored for efficiency and productivity. The benefits that these technologies are vast.

  •  Accessibility to any relevant and accurate information. Front-line workers can provide an excellent customer service experience by being helpful and informed about customers when they have context-sensitive information.
  • Efficiency in capturing, transmitting and storing information. For instance, wristbands can program movements into specific actions. In effect, tasks will be accomplished efficiently and accurately.
  • Connectivity anytime, anywhere. Looking up for big amount of information using wearable computing is possible through the cloud.
  • Clerical tasks can be processed faster and more accurately without the need for keyboards and screens.

With the dawn of digital wearables and swallowables, solutions to complex problems are solved that will improve our life to be more efficient, safer and healthier.



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